UPDATED: A Sens mole in Leafs country

03 Dec

As I await my flight deep in Leafs country I can offer my own observations:

  • The Ottawa Senators suck
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs suck
  • For the fans, the differences end there.

  • Sens Army is angry
  • Leaf Nation is like an abused spouse
  • Sens Army is packing bags. The only question is who’s stuff is in it
  • Leafs army speaks in hushed apologetic tones about it getting better and keeping it together for the kids, Kadri and Schenn
  • Sens fans are threatening to sell the kids to the Gypsies, uh, Jackets
  • Leafs fans are checking Craigslist for bandwagon fallout tickets
  • Sens fans are all about a 12 step program. The first six steps are about UFA’s
  • Leafs fans still argue the parade route qualities of Bay vs Bloor
  • If the Sens rebuild there is great potential in five years
  • Time for my flight. Have fun folks.


    UPDATE: OMFG. Evidence for the prosecution!!! (click on image), although the insanity defence may apply:



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    Posted by on December 3, 2010 in Leafs, NHL, Senators


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