The Palrus Is In Charge

18 Dec

It’s clear from the team’s treatment of Filatov that The Paulrus in in charge, and he has clear ideas of what he likes and doesn’t like. Clearly, he didn’t like Rundblad, who wanted to go back to Sweden instead of playing in the AHL and learning the ropes. Compare this with Erik Karlsson, who volunteered to go down there and got the shit kicked out of him by AHL oafs when they could catch him, which wasn’t often. He did his time. Jacob Silfverberg elected to go back to the SEL instead of playing in the AHL. He made a promise, so there’s that, but unless he shows intent to fully buy into The Paulrus’s system next year expect him to be dealt as well, probably at the draft.

Paul Maclean knows Kyle Turris more than we do. It’s clear that he suggested Turris to The Bryan from the get-go. Turris might get some favoritism here due to the cost of the trade and Paul Maclean’s intent, but I sense he knows more than you and I know, so let’s see what happens.

In any event, Ottawa’s most likely out of the draft lottery, and once you get past the top 5 there is a thicket of D.

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Posted by on December 18, 2011 in Senators


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