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Leafs vs. Sens Gameday Thread

Leafs Fans Driving To Scotiabank Place

Typical Leafs Fans Driving To Scotiabank Place

Bryan Murray’s  Tweedle Dees play host to Brian Burke’s Tweedle Dums tonight on the People’s Leafs Network nationwide.

Neither Brian should be happy about how their choices have worked out.  The shots from the pressbox will show:

  • Bryan Murray’s face contortions, the ones that make him look like he was watching his only daughter pole dancing at Pigale on a payday Friday.
  • Brian Burke’s ongoing improvisation of “How Daddy Makes Mommy Cry.”

Alexi Kovalev will  nonchalantly catch a falling baby with the blade of his stick during a breakaway, the result immediately being a Too Many Men On The Ice penalty and no shot on goal.  Don Cherry will totally ignore the Senators and instead wax on about Doug Gilmour and the Hamilton Ice Dogs.  Ron Maclean will talk about something practical, worthy and irrelevant.  Don will mention the notion of banning Leafs fans from Ottawa games being the equivalent of banning Jesus from Christmas.

The game, between two teams anxious for July 1st 2011, players and GM’s both, seems hardly to matter, but here is my best effort:

Sens 2   Leafs 0.

Update:  Sens 3 Leafs 0 FINAL.

Leafs Fans Driving Home From Scotiabank Place

Typical Leafs Fans Driving From Scotiabank Place