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UPDATED: A Sens mole in Leafs country

As I await my flight deep in Leafs country I can offer my own observations:

  • The Ottawa Senators suck
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs suck
  • For the fans, the differences end there.

  • Sens Army is angry
  • Leaf Nation is like an abused spouse
  • Sens Army is packing bags. The only question is who’s stuff is in it
  • Leafs army speaks in hushed apologetic tones about it getting better and keeping it together for the kids, Kadri and Schenn
  • Sens fans are threatening to sell the kids to the Gypsies, uh, Jackets
  • Leafs fans are checking Craigslist for bandwagon fallout tickets
  • Sens fans are all about a 12 step program. The first six steps are about UFA’s
  • Leafs fans still argue the parade route qualities of Bay vs Bloor
  • If the Sens rebuild there is great potential in five years
  • Time for my flight. Have fun folks.


    UPDATE: OMFG. Evidence for the prosecution!!! (click on image), although the insanity defence may apply:



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    Rogers Communications To Buy Controlling Stake In MLSE

    Meet the New Boss. Looks a lot like the Old Boss. But Not Qute.

    The NHL is undergoing a sea change.

    The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan has sucked about as much profit from MLSE as it could. The OTPP business plan was about building an equity footprint via real estate development during a real estate bubble. The Leafs, Raptors and Air Canada Centre generated the cash that services the rather cheap debt.  The bubble is done, the profit has been made. The OTPP business plan was never about content (read: hockey and basketball) as long as content was generating enough cash to service debt. The content itself was always a footnote.  In other words, the Leafs and Raptors didn’t matter as long as the seats were full.

    Rogers needs content to feed the wide maw of a much larger television and Internet media empire. With Rogers equity footprint becomes a base for supporting greater media operations.

    What does this mean? If it’s about content, winning suddenly matters. Hockey and basketball will suddenly need to be entertaining, to expand beyond the season ticket holders and the poor souls who buy Leafs TV.   Rogers will make gobs of money if they can attract the people who currently don’t give a damn.

    The way to do that is through quality product.

    Leafs fans, congratulations. This is good for you in the long run. It’s also good for Ottawa Senators fans as it will force Eugene Melnyk to rethink some assumptions.  It also opens the door for another team in Southern Ontario,  as TSN, which is owned by Bell, is about to lose content to Bell’s biggest competitor Rogers, which also controls content for the Ottawa Senators.  The biggest difference between Teachers and Rogers is that content begets more content, as the important factor becomes increased eyeballs, not bums in seats.

    The result of a team in Hamilton is more subscribers watching TV.  The best regional ratings for TV sports are always for regional rivalries:  Hamilton Aeros vs. Toronto Maple Leafs at Copps Coliseum  might mean a loss of 20,000 ticket sales, at a hundred bucks a pop, once, but it adds a gain of 2,000,000 subscribers paying 7 bucks a month over a course of  many years.  Rogers will need a team in Hamilton in the same way MSG needs teams in Long Island and New Jersey, even if they don’t control the media rights,  as long as they control the media rights for games against the Leafs.  They’ll of course want to extract their blood payment as well, but that’s obvious.  The answer is no longer no, but at what price.

    The CBC, as usual,  is wondering what the hell happened, as its favorite team is now controlled by a competitor.  They still haven’t realized that Punch Imlach is dead.

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    Balsillie Buying Buffalo Sabres?

    After successfully blowing up Hamilton's bid to prove the power of MLSE Grand Moff Peddie plans his next move.

    After successfully blowing up Hamilton's bid to prove the power of the Teacher's Empire, Grand Moff Richard Peddie plans the next move of the MLSE.

    Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe reported Sunday that the Buffalo Sabres’ owner Tom Golisano may be searching for a potential buyer for the team.  Dupont wrote:

    News of the team being up for sale has resurfaced before. In 2008, several outlets including ESPN reported that Golisano, who has owned the team since 2003, was considering a sale to Basillie. Sabres minority owner Larry Quinn denied reports at the time as did Basille via his lawyer.

    More talk of a sale surfaced in July 2010 when Golisano said he’d “probably be the owner of the Buffalo Sabres in five years.”

    Shall I prepare your Golden Parachute, Sir?

    "Shall I prepare your Golden Parachute, Sir?" - "Resign? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances."

    Via Biz Of Hockey Blog.


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    Is Brian Burke Jabba the Hutt?

    Boston's GM brags about the Kessel Trade

    "I'm the GM who got two lottery picks with the Kessel trade!"

    3-0 Sens after 2 periods.

    Update: 3-0 Final. Welcome back Brian Elliot. You looked good out there.

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    Leafs vs. Sens Gameday Thread

    Leafs Fans Driving To Scotiabank Place

    Typical Leafs Fans Driving To Scotiabank Place

    Bryan Murray’s  Tweedle Dees play host to Brian Burke’s Tweedle Dums tonight on the People’s Leafs Network nationwide.

    Neither Brian should be happy about how their choices have worked out.  The shots from the pressbox will show:

    • Bryan Murray’s face contortions, the ones that make him look like he was watching his only daughter pole dancing at Pigale on a payday Friday.
    • Brian Burke’s ongoing improvisation of “How Daddy Makes Mommy Cry.”

    Alexi Kovalev will  nonchalantly catch a falling baby with the blade of his stick during a breakaway, the result immediately being a Too Many Men On The Ice penalty and no shot on goal.  Don Cherry will totally ignore the Senators and instead wax on about Doug Gilmour and the Hamilton Ice Dogs.  Ron Maclean will talk about something practical, worthy and irrelevant.  Don will mention the notion of banning Leafs fans from Ottawa games being the equivalent of banning Jesus from Christmas.

    The game, between two teams anxious for July 1st 2011, players and GM’s both, seems hardly to matter, but here is my best effort:

    Sens 2   Leafs 0.

    Update:  Sens 3 Leafs 0 FINAL.

    Leafs Fans Driving Home From Scotiabank Place

    Typical Leafs Fans Driving From Scotiabank Place