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Let The Rebuild Begin

Bryan Murray at today’s presser.

” I feel for the fans.”

“If we continue to drop games going forward, there are a lot of players I will consider moving.”

On “The Euge” – “He’s realistic.

Murray added that he’s considering bringing up Robin Lehner. Given the way the Senators are playing, you might as well start with him.

It’s also clear that he’s gone as GM at the end of the season.

The rest was valedictory. He mentioned that when he came on as a GM the organization was short in depth and their drafts were not up to scratch.  They’ve done a good job in the last few years of selecting people in the draft for the future.

Robin Lehner will play in Bingo for the weekend and then he may be brought up if things don’t go well between the pipes.

He’s not yet at the “blow it up” stage, at least publicly.  But it seems that the Senators are already in transition towards a total rebuild with a new GM and a new head coach.

Could both roles be filled by St. Michael’s Majors head coach and GM Dave Cameron, who has done a brilliant job coaching Team Canada at the World Juniors?

Since Cameron already works for “The Euge”,  why not?



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30/50 vs 25/50

This page from shows what’s what.  The Senators need to win 30 of 50 if they expect (a 94% chance or greater) to make the playoffs.  If they fall five short and win 25 of 50 their chances of making the playoffs falls to a tiny 9%.

Five games.  That’s it.  Given how they’ve played, what  do you expect to happen?



BTW:  Erik Karlsson, Natalie Portman. Separated at Birth?

And so the Cory Clouston Deathwatch begins

Which is unfair.

The Senators outshot the Penguins 44-40.

The two Pittsburgh goals were questionable.  The first had a Pittsburgh player in the blue paint impeding Pascale Leclaire.

The second goal came after blatant interference on Mike Fisher by  Mark Letestu.  I was watching a Pittsburgh feed, and even the Pittsburgh play-by-play folks thought that should have been a penalty.

Pascale Leclaire was amazing. Fleury stood on his head.  The referees were right out of WWF.

Staged fights.  Blind refs. Is the NHL fixed like the WWF?


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