All Aboard The Draft Lottery Express!

04 Jan

Ottawa is in 25th place with other teams having games in hand. At this pace the Senators will have a lottery pick at the 2011 draft, giving them an outside chance at the number one pick.

Let’s look at the ISS Top 10:

Sean Courturier, C
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C
Adam Larsson, D
Gabriel Landeskog, RW
Ryan Murphy, D
Joel Armia, RW
Victor Rask, C
Duncan Siemens, D
Brandon Saad, LW
Matt Puempel, LW

Of these, let’s look at forwards, where Ottawa is a little bit starved for the future:

Sean Courturier, C
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C
Gabriel Landeskog, RW
Joel Armia, RW
Victor Rask, C
Brandon Saad, LW
Matt Puempel, LW

Ottawa suckage and lottery luck will define how close to 1st Ottawa can go. Not sure if they can beat Jersey, Edmonton and the Islanders for the bottom, but it’s just like the Leafs and the Sabres to go on a pathetic end-of-season tear. So let’s place the Ottawa Senators at 26th with no changes due to the lottery, as per usual.  Since they have traded their pick to Boston the Leafs have no incentive to suck.  Buffalo of course is a suckage wildcard, as always. But let’s assume 26th.

Courturier is likely a first or second pick, a classic Islanders choice. Gone. Adam Larsson plays D, and is a perfect fit for New Jersey. Gone. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, an Alberta WHL boy, is too tempting for Edmonton to pass up.

It means that either Gabriel Landeskog,  or Victor Rask could end up in an Ottawa Senators uniform.

Of these, my bet is that it will be, should be, must be Gabriel Landeskog.

This is Elite Prospects’s take:

“An offensively skilled talent with good speed, technique and eye for the game. Likes to carry the puck a lot and finish himself. Could sometimes pass the puck a little earlier. Fairly well-rounded. Very strong. Loves to hit people.

Uh huh. Any further questions?


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4 responses to “All Aboard The Draft Lottery Express!

  1. Nichols

    January 4, 2011 at 5:52 PM

    Assuming that Ottawa starts dumping veterans to restock the coffers some more, they should be able to acquire the assets necessary to create a package, move up in the draft and grab the player that they want.

  2. tim

    January 4, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    C’mon, where’s your pride. 26th!!??? Thet can tank way better than that!

  3. Malkin To The Kings

    January 4, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    C’mon, Edmonchuk, Jersey and The Fishsticks.

  4. Malkin To The Kings

    January 4, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    Oh, and Nichols, they’re moving up fine on their own. They need to trade for NHL draft spray and pray.


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